• First Home Buyers

    For most people, buying your first home is an exciting and satisfying decision. You are at a place in your life where you are ready to become a home owner and buy your own property. Whether you are purchasing property by yourself, with a partner, or with friends or family, you will have many considerations along the way.

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  • Interest Rates

    Home loans generally have either a fixed or variable interest rate, or a split rate – which is a mixture of both. A fixed rate home loan is taken out for a set period with a set interest rate; when this period ends you can fix the rate again, or switch to a variable interest rate which fluctuates with the market.

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  • Investment Properties

    Generally speaking the same loan types are available for investment properties as for owner occupied properties, same interest rates, loan features and benefits.
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  • Refinance Your Mortgage

    Many borrowers are finding that refinancing their home loan can save money if you find a lower rate than your current rate or reduce the terms of your loan. The money saved can be put towards renovations, an investment property, consolidating debt, school fees, helping your children set up home or on a holiday.
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  • Debt Reduction

    Many people have experienced the stress that can be caused when juggling multiple debts, or where existing debts are becoming too difficult to manage. Combining all your debts into one loan can offer a debt management solution to some people.
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"Thank you for your help in making it possible to have a house for me and my family to live in." Marilou & Trevor
"Thank you so much Gail! Much appreciated for letting me know! Your service has been wonderful and such a blessing – we are happily referring you to as many people as we know who need a broker for a loan." Kristy